Solidarity with Norwich Migrants

An excellent sum up by Tony Allen on such a terrific display of solidarity and reminding us what each of those wonderful speakers have said.

Tony's Page!

On Tuesday 12th July 2016, just five days after the well-attended rally Norwich Stays, hundreds of people gathered once again in front of the steps of Norwich’s City Hall to show solidarity with migrants in the city and call for the acceptance of refugees.

The overwhelming mood of the rally, similarly to that of the previous Thursday’s, was one of togetherness, and the subject of Solidarity with Norwich Migrants was to affirm unity and support all Norwich residents. As with the Norwich Stays rally, there were a variety of different aims and focuses of the individual speakers and attendees.

Under one of City Hall’s famous bronze lions, a banner read “Refugees Welcome/Let Them In” and several people brought along posters showing their support for migration. One demonstrator brought a large model of a safety pin, an image which has come to symbolise support for migrants in the wake of the rise…

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