Norwich Stays: A Review

Excellent. Many thanks Tony for your thorough account of this historical day. True Democracy begins with honesty. I also wrote a review (with less details and more based on impressions).
The mood was somber, the atmosphere heavy, lightened up by some humorous placards that spoke volume on this farce of the very regrettable EU Referendum which should have never taken place in the first place.
I applaud the remarkable work that Tom Johnson and Emily Cutler have undertaken by creating the Norwich Stays movement and as soon as the day after, they continue the movement changing its name to Norwich and Norfolk Stays. It’s heart warming that there are such active inspirational youth taking charge of their future following their vision of a fairer society. Their organisational skills and their resilience are owe inspiring.
We had some great speakers. I specially admired the powerful speech from Katy Jon Went who is very knowledgeable and a passionate campaigner. Thank you also for the very supportive speech by our Norwich Counselor Alan Waters. The team effort and coordination among those involved was energizing.
We had a fantastic turn out of around 1,500 people. The press recorded the event on T.V. BBC news and in the EDP 24.
Norwich Stays changed its name to Norwich and Norfolk Stays. We are growing and spreading nationally.
Is the attitude towards politic changing? Is there a shift being infiltrated into our society? Ask yourself, are you going to remain cynical about the whole thing? Are you going to accept the letter from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office? Are you going to try to reach a deeper level of understanding or just get on with your routine and just leave it to some fraudulent politicians at the top to deal with it?
We should never give up hope. Whatever route we’ve taken, whatever route we take we should have a choice.
Is my slim ‘proportional representation’ still representing democracy? Should True democracy be redefined too?
True Democracy begins with honesty.
I’ve read somewhere that it is not the politicians, it’s the believers who made all the difference in history.

Tony's Page!

On Thursday 7th July 2016, it has been reported that over a thousand residents of Norwich and its surrounding areas gathered to listen to a range of eight pro-EU speakers in front of City Hall.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing was that the event, entitled Norwich Stays, had been organised by two young people, Emily Cutler and Tom Johnston, who had expected a “couple of hundred” attendees at most when they first decided on the need for a rally.

IMG_9210 (1).JPGMy View
Amidst all of the buzzing online discussion I wanted to describe my own experience of attending the event. Perched on the raised concrete to the side of City Hall’s famous steps, I had a good view of the assembled crowd, many of whom were resplendent with painted faces, flags and placards.

What united us was no more complicated or nuanced than a common love of Europe, be it for…

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