Disabled Tenants #BedroomTax Fight Goes To Court Of Appeal

Good luck to those Disabled tenants taking the bedroom tax to the Court of Appeal!
I agree with Ugo Hayter, a lawyer who said “It is a cruel and deeply disturbing benefit cut which hits the most vulnerable in society.” The decision to implement this legislation by the government is clearly discriminatory because so many are particularly adversely affected by the regulations.

Same Difference


Five severely disabled people have brought a fresh legal challenge against the government’s bedroom tax on the grounds that it is unjustified discrimination against the weak and vulnerable.

The court of appeal hearing is scheduled to last three days and expected to highlight the predicament of those facing benefit cuts who cannot move home, require a spare bedroom for medical purposes or are unable to sublet to lodgers.

Under new “size criteria” regulations introduced by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), tenants with one spare bedroom have lost 14% of their housing benefit payments, while those deemed to have two or more spare bedrooms have suffered a 25% reduction.

In July the high court upheld the legality of the regulations, ruling that the government had justified its decision to impose the rules on disabled tenants.

The benefit changes, introduced last April, have led to reductions in payments to…

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