Launch Of UK Disability History Month 2013

Summary- launch of UK Disability History Month 2013
I join Same Difference in continuing to fight for disability’s rights and celebrate successes and victories.I share Same Difference’s passion for supporting inclusive education.

Same Difference

Last night in London, disabled people, disability activists, carers and supporters gathered to launch UK Disability History Month 2013. Now in its fourth year, the Month continues to grow, and to be recognised and supported by national mainstream organisations. In fact, this year, it was co-sponsored by the National Union of Teachers.

The Month will, as usual, run from 22 November to 22 December. This year’s theme is Celebrating our Struggle for Independent Living: No Return to Institutions or Isolation. It’s a fitting theme, considering the recent victory in court over the closure of the Independent Living Fund, something which came up a few times through the evening.

As always, it was an educational evening of speeches and video clips, rounded off with a good laugh and a chance to socialise.

The evening began with a video clip from a recent BBC4 documentary, Disowned and Disabled, Breaking Free. This showed…

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