Why marketing needs a Human approach?

Author: Laure Ollivier-Minns


1- Content Marketing: The new Inbound Marketing Strategy  (http://goo.gl/Uex4ZB)

This article by Team Sociograph who help maximize your reach and build better marketing strategies, demonstrates that content marketing is the technique by which valuable content is created to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience. The Sociograph team takes us through some points showing that it is not about direct selling but rather the Art of communicating with your customers and prospects.

2- Outsider’s Perspectives (TOP):  (http://goo.gl/qc1SdL)

Achim Nowak explains in Switch and Shift that outsider’s perspectives should be encouraged inside the corporation and invited to test the Corporate Commitment. Among several points Achim Nowak encourages the Corporate by:

Claiming the Silent Outsider because its perspective will question hidden assumptions, challenge sacred corporate and strengthen empathy.

Foster. This article represents The Outsider’s Perspective (TOP) showing a way to foster more Human decisions. Achim Nowak’s plea for un-silencing Silent Outsider is a cry for the benefits of an un-silenced business culture he explains.

3- “All to do with behavior” and signs of lost Humanity in our workplaces: (goo.gl/xPljPM)

Ted Coin, Co-Found & Co-CEO at Switch & Shift, explains in his ‘Successful Strategy Execution’ article that deeply embedded traditional behavior tend to persist and they change far more slowly than marketplace factors or new strategic thinking. Ted Coin’s innovative approaches in changing behaviors and beliefs are to:

embracing public vulnerability  – (honesty about change of behavior needed)

Letting go – (having the willingness to move away from the business of yesterday.)

Building speed through trust

This was well pointed out by Shawn Murphy, Co-Founder Co-CEO at Switch and Shift, in his article this month  on ‘Signs of Lost Humanity in Our Workplaces’ commenting on the lack of choice and the absence of Connection. Shawn Murphy suggests that it is up to the manager to recognize a better possibility – a possibility, he claims, that sees and does something about the lack of humanity in the ways businesses treat the employee relationship. Shawn Murphy reminds us that the majority of work today relies on our critical and analytical thinking. Wouldn’t that mean also, accept constructive criticism I would like to ask him? Honesty and humility would have a part to play.

I agree with Shawn Murphy in his statement that “we are human beings who need inspiration and motivation  to transform business to be relevant in the 21st century”. 

Thank you Shawn Murphy for reminding us that when work is void of meaning, hope and purpose are absent. In its most basic form, hope is linked to survival.

And to conclude with the hope that the loss of humanity in our workplaces is merely a temporary problem that can be fixed when managers choose to recognize the enriching value work has on life.

4-  Make Marketing Work: (http://goo.gl/mGA3yd)

Alex Levandoski reiterates in his article ‘ The 3 Biggest Secrets to Business Success’ is that we shouldn’t be afraid of change. As well as having a full commitment and always put Others First.

‘Network marketing is a business of relationships’ he claims and that your business will thrive on change.

Alex Levandoski continues further by pressing that CHANGE is a very necessary part of keeping ahead in technological innovation.

5- Emotional reason:  (http://goo.gl/m6NBnH)

In his article Nial Adams emphasizes that consumers don’t buy products or services but emotional expectations they attach to them. In his article, about the Absolute Fundamental about Marketing, he points out that people will definitively buy your product if they have a strong enough emotional reason to do so. Nial Adams’s mentor taught him the gold-encrusted rule of sales and marketing which is:

“People buy on emotion and justify with logic”.

Those 5 points are merely an attempt to point out the need for change.

Norfolk seems still a bit slow regarding change. Oh and there are other places too! I’d like to see people to work more efficiently as a team and not be afraid to have a more ‘Human approach to business’. Would not those influencers great thinker make you reflect on a cocktail that would work? A cocktail of fundamental honesty, compassion and integrity? Good Teamwork through efficient communication is essential  to not only achieve a better environment in the workplace but also to strengthen the importance of working together. This would help to have a connection with each other, based on respect and trust, working towards the same goal.

We can all contribute to something better. Please feel free to comment.

Laure Ollivier-Minns – Sculptor – One of my interests is the passion for interpersonal relationship in the workplace. I also share the passion for a  worldwide contribution  and effort in the attempt of making life easier for those who are disadvantaged in all aspects of life.


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