Let’s keep Democracy and Human Rights alive!

The massive apprehensions that the Lobbying Bill represents to many organisations is understandable and justifiable. This gagging law (politely called ‘Lobbying Bill’) is undeniably a very questionable proposal.

Why would the Government want to regulate ahead of elections voluntary organisations, community groups and non-party political campaigning? Why do we need more rules and restrictions?
Where does personal lobbying end and corporate lobbying start?

This gagging law is still currently being debated in the House of Lords and if this monstrous bill goes through, it will have a tremendous impact on the most vulnerable and in needs. Those are the ones that are less likely to be able to speak, struggling on a day to day basis, therefore not in a position to deal with their rights.

It is for the people advocate of those who are disadvantaged from any situation, living in the ‘real world’ dealing with crisis situations on a daily basis, to challenge the legislation. Because it needs challenging to hear and absorb the potential consequences of such drastic breach of fundamental Human Rights.


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